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The Tiantian Holiday Hotel (Tiantian Jiari Jiudian) is located in west Beijing,  conveniently situated close to the Wanshoulu Metro Station and Beijing West Railway Station.
Rooms in this Beijing hotel come with international direct dial telephones and satellite TVs.
Diners may enjoy dishes at the on-site Chinese restaurant...

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住客评论 2247条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • elwin
    Good, clean, is a little bit old. but the overall feeling is good
  • mimi8776
    Nice ... clean, front desk service attitude is good, good surroundings. Security.
  • miyanyancx
    It wasn't too bad
  • autobuy2000
    An older hotel, but the service and traffic was good-
  • BB Bear
    Hotel facilities in older, like breakfast!
  • cenyan824
    Which is very nice
  • Eadwin
    The room and facilities in an older hotel and there were no parking, location was OK.
  • sun1111
  • jennie129
    All right
  • ic173
    All right
  • bardl
    Facilities good, sound not so good is the Windows, Pro Street cars coming and going at night noise in the room
  • feixue0518
    Poor condition is not good, poor service
  • gjrita
    Overall feeling is good
  • gx883
    Facilities were old but clean. Beijing, couldn't ask for more.
  • Jennifer_Xu
    Beijing is not heating, the hotel room was very cold. bathing water is not very hot. others can also.
  • Lynn121
    It's not bad!
  • andyyang668
    Very good location, very convenient, Line 1 subway line, also to be fashionable, also a lot of places to eat, Nice was renovated some old
  • e01220936
    Well, the second.
  • Meimei5201
    Room was large and very comfortable
  • linglsat
    Stayed many times, from the place of work
  • elly_0912
    Meet total to
    What not to say. to acquire a good store. reservation no. automatic free upgrade. good reputation
  • gary_yin
    Does not have a separate shower cubicle, wash basin is bad, the Chair is bad
  • bluto
    Convenient, close to Metro, travel is more convenient
  • aswylp
    Hotel is well located, close to the Metro, the transportation is very convenient. around eating. hotel facilities, warm service. hotel accommodation with free parking and security do a good job. it is worth staying at!
  • geocewoo
    Around the hotel is full, all, only there is also able to get the room
  • icy626
    There will be a total of two rooms, a TV, a water and light was bad, service only works with a man at the front desk is very good, service attitude, and put a pillow at all!
  • BabyDandan
    In Beijing, also is a good hotel, was at breakfast would be nice.
  • lily_xu_82_2002
    All right
  • bonde11
    Hotel is well located, close to the Metro, the transportation is very convenient. around eating, shopping is very convenient ... hotel facilities, rooms are clean and new equipment, warm service. hotel accommodation with free parking and security do a good job. it is worth staying
  • nnnnnn
    Room is very big, very good view, traffic is very convenient, I go to Beijing so many times most comfortable hotel,
  • leeson sun
    All right
  • xvtingyao
    All right
  • anni_yun
    Big room no mineral water good location 5 minutes walk from subway station line
  • fannyfang75
    All right
  • candybb034
    Nice hotel, street is a bit noisy
  • anny1972
    Room facilities, and health in General. bed smell of smoke, was very unpleasant. Hotel Street a bit noisy. gruff waiter service at the front desk, a dead face. because I am not prepared to find hotels, so take a couple of nights. opposite the supermarket fruit, fruit variety. easy to eat around.
  • blue00160016
    Hotel overall is OK, but old facilities, Room 2-phase socket or electricity, bring trouble to charge mobile phones, but take charge treasure. toilet block.
  • original
    Which is very nice
  • smwvip
    Old House,
  • murongjian
    The price is right
  • liuyf008
    Poor attitude of service personnel with respect to the main station borrowed money from her attitude of not
  • alex Guo
    Place is very hard to find, reasonably priced rooms, the price is really good
  • dudesneet
    So so
  • e01284621
    Overall OK, comfortable safe, breakfast a little easier
  • e00014451
    Hotel basic also line. but individual waiter of quality is let people drunk has, not understanding such of people is how in service post Shang stay so long of. lift two a example, hotel elevator door of induction is not sensitive of, access late has door on closed, but specialty or body to block about also useless, so often was was clip. This was is hotel of problem. we as guest General not to forced, because also can overcome. but has times we a three mouth downstairs out elevator, frontOf people is slow, led to we a out door on has closed has. a a age is big of female waiter actually Dang we surface loud called up; out to fast, dilly to, door are closed has! I husband listening to has special angry, is restraint to on she said; you as a waiter can so talk did? I think husband said of is Yes, himself Hotel equipment no, also on guest sent soared, what shit quality! a see is relied on qualification old in this mixed with! another example, sentSave luggage of small guy was long has a Deputy world owes he money of face, guest good with he talk, Advisory he, he forever is a Deputy dead face. I in Hotel continuous live has for more than a months, each left-luggage he fart are not put a on save has, but actually has times suddenly said water not let save! that you zhiqian why not said, victims have I carrying with five rose to big barrels to see movie! I also cannot waste baotiantianwu Ah! that I endure has. second week left-Shi he actually and said computer cannot left-! I isEndure can't has, Straus has he; you cannot first said complete did? non-to squeeze toothpaste did? I in yiqian hotel is what are can left-of, how know you this cannot this cannot that does? good's, you of provides not no truth, food and precious products is not save, but zhiqian for more than a months you dead Ah, you not left without a sound Ah! you early said has this provides who eat full has support of to save you this Ah! he also a denied no save had computer and water, except also a sentence explained words, little slightlyEase words are not said, last I is is can't with computer package travel, strongly requirements save this, he actually dumped I a sentence; that you of computer hit bad has don't blame I! to fuck! what people! this only will dinner not work of people your hotel also left with why! let he early go's! I behind also to find hotel live three months, because new homes decoration, but I absolute not again to this hotel has! front desk of several female waiter also good, knows patience explained. was well, hotel isMost requirements patience and understanding of, guest not know of things you Hotel certainly to explained Xia of. This men was is flower! a see is life in the frustrated took work in the of guest outlet that. he in Hotel only will effect hotel of business! I no longer live this hotel also has concerns this men retaliates against of reasons. This usually fart words no, only will squeeze toothpaste hum several sound of people often is anti-social anti-human of, offended has this people, may really of bad. so, I also isHide away! remind other guests, be careful!
  • e01485931
  • gavingxy
    At the junction, is hard to find, not far from the Metro station, are around the lively environment. facilities are old, the room was large, a look that is built so long ago, when land is not so scarce. air conditioning in the room a bit, others can also.
  • fangnanan
    Hotel is well located, close to the Metro, the transportation is very convenient. around eating, shopping is very convenient ... hotel facilities, rooms are clean and new equipment, warm service. hotel accommodation with free parking and security do a good job. it is worth staying at!
  • flywei520
    Hotel is very good. recommended occupancy.